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DATES CANOED: Many times since 4th of July weekend in 1997

DURATION: 1-1/2 Days
RIVER FLOW: We've floated it anywhere between 2400 up to 6,000 cfs
DRIVE TIME: 4 Hours from Boulder, CO
DIFFICULTY: Easy, Class I, some navigation required.
PUT IN: Bridge at HGWY 13 - Alternates Yampa Valley Golf Course, Loudy Simpson Park
TAKE OUT: We used to takeout at Government Bridge but there is now a takeout just beyond the end of Duffy Canyon. If you take out here you can avoid the slow, windy flat lands to the west.
SHUTTLE: 45 mins. Not sure who runs a shuttle anymore, which is not much of a problem if you have a group or two vehicles, but doesn't work so well if you only have one car.
NOTES: Plenty of campsites on the beaches. The river moves fairly fast through Duffy Canyon and slows down on the flats. The flats can also be windy. If you float to Maybell beware of the diversion dam just downstream from the Juniper Canyon access. The diversion dam is not recommended for open boats.

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