Canoe Throw bag
Paddles Kneeling pad
Personal floatation device Crazy Creek chairs
Canine floatation device Canoe re-entry strap
Bailer Sponge
Nylon shorts or swimsuit Rain/wind jacket
Hat with brim Rain/wind pants
Tee shirt Wool or fleece top
Long sleeve shirt Wool or fleece pants
Tevas, flip flops, or wet suit booties Wool socks
Hiking or tennis shoes Sweatshirt
Towel Sweatpants
Chapstick Sunglasses w/strap
Hand lotion Toothbrush
Soap - biodegradable Toothpaste
Sunblock/sunscreen Toilet paper
Prescriptions Hand shovel
Watch Wet wipes
Bug repellent Kleenex
Tent Plastic tarp
Sleeping bags Flashlight w/extra batteries
Sleeping pad Water bottles - personal
Camp chair Water containers (jerry cans)
Dry bag or pack w plastic liner Water filter
Thwart bag or fanny pack Saw (collapsible)
Pocketknife Lantern and fuel
Camera Nylon Cord (at least 50')
Duct tape (never leave home without it)  
Stove Matches/lighter
Stove fuel Can/bottle opener
Cooler Knife
Pots and pans Biodegradable soap
Cooking utensils Napkins
Plates Trash bag
Bowls Wet wipes
Cups Food barrels
Eating utensils Roll-up table
Ice/dry ice Canine food
Emergency thermal blanket Candle
Flares Compass
Lighter Maps
Waterproof matches Water purification tablets
Metal signal mirror Whistle
Light sticks  

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