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DATES CANOED: Aug., 1 1997

DURATION: 1 to 2 Days
RIVER FLOW: 1500 cfs in Saratoga (according to Medecine Bow Drifters (307)326-8002 John Dobson), above Seminoe Resevoir 1425 cfs, near Northgate 725 cfs.
DRIVE TIME: 4.5 Hours from Boulder/Denver, CO
DIFFICULTY: Class I, plenty of navigation required for channels
PUT IN: Sheep Rock - Alternates Bennet Peak, Treasure Island, Saratoga, Pick Bridge
SHUTTLE: Unknown at this time  

NOTES: Wyoming Game and Fish Department lost the lease for access to Pick Bridge put in and will be creating a new access across the river on land they own. Camp sites can be scarce because of the private land ownership, so find a spot early. The private and public lands are marked (inconsistently) with blue and red squares, so you will know when you are on public lands. The desert flats are slow and can be windy. Afternoon thunderstorms are always possible.

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