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Consider this page a work in progress. Fortunatly, we do not know it all. Therefore we will continue to add various ideas as we discover them ourselves. If you have a great idea that you would like to share, just send an email to the address shown below.

TIP #1
Help keep your food cold
- For those longer trips, use a few smaller coolers instead of just one large one. Seperate the food and beverages by day not by type. This way you may keep the coolers that will be for the later days completely closed until that point in time. The less the cooler os opened the longer it will stay cold. Don't forget about dry ice. A layer on the bottom of the cooler will help it stay cold much longer than regular ice.

TIP #2
Help keep your food
- Another reason to to follow tip #1. If for some reason you were to lose a cooler, you would not lose all of your food and only be left with beverages, or vice versa. Remember to strap your coolers closed, especially if they do not have a latch.

TIP #3
Help keep your food dry
- Go to a Greek restaurant and have them save a couple of olive barrels for you. These five gallon, wide mouth, watertight barrels are absolutly the best thing to keep all of your non-refrigerated food in. They are watertight, bouyant, and keep your food from getting crushed.

TIP #4
Help preserve cooler space
- Some of the meals you will have can actually be used as cold packs. Therefore requiring less space for ice or refreezable cold packs. For example, chili can be prepared ahead of time and frozen in plastic bags. The chili will act as a block of ice keeping the cooler cold. When it defrosts, eat it.

TIP #5
Help keep clean
- Bring along a cheap pair of mukluks. Many of the rivers out west are very silty and muddy. Having an easy to slip on pair we will make loading and unloading your boat a lot cleaner.

TIP #6
Help keep your boat
- Never leave your boat sitting right on the shore unattended, especially overnight. Many western rivers are dammed, and water releases may cause the river level to rise without you noticing.

TIP #7
Help keep your paddle
- Never lay your bent shaft paddles lying on the ground. One misstep and the blade and shaft will cease to be one.


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