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DATES CANOED: Oct. 14, 1996, Oct 4, 1997, Nov. 4th, 1999

DURATION: 3-1/2 Days, 3-1/2 Days, 2-1/2 Days
RIVER FLOW: 2600 cfs, 7050 cfs, 3975 cfs -- at Green River, UT.
DRIVE TIME: 6 Hours from Boulder/Denver, CO
FEES/PERMITS: None for Labyrinth Canyon
DIFFICULTY: Easy, flatwater
PUT IN: Green River State Park
TAKE OUT: Mineral Bottom
SHUTTLE: 1-1/2 hours each way. Plan on using a four wheel drive vehicle. This can be a bone jarring drive. Not to mention the descent down to the river bottom!
NOTES: This is absoulutly one of the best river trips. The scenery is breathtaking, the weather is almost always perfect, and the water feels great (except in November). Consider taking an extra day to enjoy several sidehikes.

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